To our business partners,

with this website we would like to inform you about history and achievement of FDF Flensburger Dragee-Fabrik. The company was founded in 1963 by Mr. and Mrs. Frithejm and is still run as a family business. In rented rooms of a former chocolate factory in Flensburg, a workforce of 5 people started production of a small variety of dragees under the brand name agilus dragees.

Due to experience in the field of production, product-development, sales and market evaluation, FDF has grown to the dragee-specialist. On premises of approx. 12.000 qm today 450 agilus dragees items are produced by a workforce of about 100 people. The product-range includes the traditional dragee-program, such as: chocolate dragees, sugar dragees, alcohol dragees. For a consumer-orientated business it was without question, to develop new items to achieve difference in competition: diabetic dragees and yoghurt-dragees.

Under the motto " strength through calmness", production in Flensburg follows old recipes without decrease of flexibility and speed. Basic requirements of this production philosophy are a machinepark with the latest technic and a fully airconditioned production-plant. Selected ingredients and raw materials are the basis of production, and strict quality control guarantees the constant high standard of agilus dragees.
Why are agilus dragees the sweet temptation in confectionery?

They are made from delicious centres of nuts, almonds, fruits, liquorice, jellies, creams, nougat, marzipan, whisky, rum, cognac, advocaat, all covered with creamy chocolate, fruity yoghurt or finest sugar coating in many colours. In attractive packaging our products are presented to trade and consumer. The transparent design enables the consumer to recognize agilus dragees at a glance.

We offer our customers a large and varied range, suitable for every occasion, throughout the year. Our success nationally and internationally is due to the involvement of our management and staff in production and sales. Constant investments in the field of production, development and marketing makes it possible to produce agilus dragees also in future at competitive prices in spite of rising costs.

With this website we say "Thank you" to our customers in Germany and around the world for the pleasant commercial relationship. We hope it will give you - and our potential customers - ideas for future buying decisions.

your agilus dragees team